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Work Out Without The Breakout: Tips For Preventing Workout-Induced Acne

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If you've recently redesigned your workout and suddenly find that you're battling breakouts, you're in pretty good company. In fact, many people find that even a standard workout routine increases the risk of acne breakouts. The increased acne is usually the result of clogged pores from dirt and sweat. Here are a few things you can do to conquer the breakouts without giving up your gym time.

Don't delay your shower. The shower is a vital step in combating acne breakouts. The sooner you can get your shower after a workout, the better. This rinses all of the dirt and sweat away before it has any time to settle into your pores. You might even want to ask a dermatologist about the best type of facial scrub to use after exercising.

Remember the toner. Choose an acid-based toner to apply to your face after your post-workout shower. This will help you strip away any residual dirt particles that may have already settled into your pores. Paired with the right facial scrub, these two products can make a significant difference in the severity of your acne.

Choose moisturizers carefully. If you have to apply a moisturizer to your face, make sure that you avoid oil-based products. Instead, look for a lightweight moisturizer that's free of oils. Also, be careful about when you apply it. Make sure you've cooled off before you put the moisturizer on so that you don't trap any sweat under it.

Don't wear makeup to the gym. You may think that you want to look your best when you head out to the gym to work out. Unfortunately, applying makeup before your workout routine can just serve to clog your pores and keep your skin from breathing. Skip the makeup until after you've showered and you're heading out.

Make sure your clothes are breathable. Always choose lightweight clothing that breathes well when you're buying workout clothes. Opt for clothes that aren't going to hold moisture against your skin. The more your skin is exposed to open air, the easier it is for your skin to breathe and dry out. Consider switching out your cotton gym clothes for sweat-wicking, synthetic fabrics, to help combat breakouts.

With these tips, you can minimize your acne breakout risks after your routine workouts. If you're still struggling, talk with your dermatologist about other ways to keep the acne at bay. He or she may recommend prescription products or changes to your daily routine.