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Tips to Improve Your Skincare Routine

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Skincare is important no matter your age. It involves more than a quick wash and scrub with that bar of soap that probably dries out your skin. To help improve your skin tone, clear up your skin and give your skin a healthy glow you should improve your skincare routine. See below for tips on how to improve your routine.

Use Face Wash

Use an actual face wash, not a bar of soap. Using a bar of soap may dry out your skin too much. Choose a wash that is gentle for everyday use, but you should use an exfoliating wash once per week or every other week to slough off dead skin. Wash your face in the morning and in the evening before bed to wash off your makeup and to clear out your pores. 


Use moisturizer after washing your face to prevent wrinkles and to keep your skin hydrated and supple. Look for a facial moisturizer that is thick, not watery so it keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day and night without your skin drying out. 

Apply SPF

Apply sunscreen daily, no matter what the season to prevent premature wrinkles and sun spots. Use at least SPF 30 sunscreen on your face and neck. Protect your face from the sun at all times, wear floppy hats when out in the sun, sunglasses and always wear sunscreen. That summer glow can be achieved without the sun's harmful rays. Think about using bronzer or sunless tanner instead.

Leave Acne Alone

If you spot a pimple or a zit, don't pop it or try to scratch it off. You'll only make it worse, as you'll create an open sore on your face, which may end up leaving a scar. Also touching your face, especially with dirty hands can cause more acne. 

Change Your Hair-Care Routine

Your hair-care products could be making your face breakout, especially if you notice breakouts near your hairline. It could be your shampoo/conditioner, or it could be other products you may use such as gel, wax, paste or hairspray. Change up your hair-care routine to see if that clears up your skin. Also try to keep your hair off of your face. If you wash your hair before bed, you should try to wash your hair in the morning instead.

If you have dull, dry skin, try to change your routine to improve the appearance of your skin. Talk to your dermatologist to get more information about other things you can do to improve your skin.